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The Fudge Roller

If, like me, your dice get lost faster then keys, sunglasses, or water-weight, no longer will you be forced to roll your virtual fudge dice with something that is either to complex to be worth the time or so simplistic it is a chore to use. The DFRPG Fan Resources Web-Site is proud to present The Fudge Roller, a dice rolling utility.

Unlike most dice rollers, clicking the roll button on The Fudge Roller doesn't simply display the next set of random numbers. Instead, each die tumbles, going trough several different values before settling on the final result. Much more natural and entertaining to be sure. It doesn't stop there either, how many times the dice will tumble is random and both the lowest and highest number of possible tumbles can be changed before each roll. As frosting on the proverbial fudge cake, there are over half a dozen different colors of dice to select from for that little extra flare.

As if that wasn't enough. A roll can be stopped at any time (usually desirable when you enter huge number of tumbles just for fun or didn't mean to roll to begin with). While rolling, a count is displayed of how many tumbles the dice have taken so far. When the roll is over, the totaled result is displayed for ease of reference. Last, though certainly not least, one or more dice can be locked down with a click so they don't change during re-rolls.

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